Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to create CSS3 gradients without writing any code - Tutorial

Many of web designers are now in use with css3 elements like border radius, gradients, transitions. But many of us face problems in using CSS3 properties mentioned above like - browser compatibility issue,complex css3 codes . In this blog I will explain you how to create CSS3 gradients without any hassle and with less time. 

Why CSS3 gradients and whats the use?

CSS3 gradients are the awesome things which has been provided by CSS3. CSS3 gradients can be used for buttons and backgrounds and many more reducing the usage of images.  As far i know i was creating gradients for buttons in photoshop manually which was time consuming and took lot of patience to create awesome gradient buttons. And i used create buttons for different states like Normal,Hover,Active and Visited. But all these hassle is reduced with CSS3 gradients. Major of the work can be done fast by creating awesome designs.

How to create CSS3 gradients without writing any code?

Coming to our topic we will create awesome gradients today without writing any code. Yes we can do this Using CSS3 gradient generators. Many of developers/designers have made our life easy. Following CSS3 gradient generator comes handy for this -

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