Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aestan Tray Menu Error in WAMP server

The majority of the times WAMP server installation goes fine but in some cases due to port blocks WAMP server will enable to start services and Throws Aestan tray menu error. This is post i would like to give you solution to tackle this problem and make WAMP server start its services.

If you are having Aestan tray error you would be seeing this screenshot below and your WAMP server will be showing server offline.

Ok how to resolve this problem:
1.  Open file httpd.conf through Wamp tray icon and find: listen 80
2. Replace with: listen 8181
3. Once this changes are done save the file and restart your WAMP Server
4. The Wamp server icon will change from orange to green and shows Server online
5. In browser, use 'http://localhost:8181'

And your WAMP server will work normally.
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