Sunday, February 23, 2014

SEO fundamentals for DNN (DotNetNuke) 7.x

Hi, In this blog I will explain Search Engine Optimization techniques applied to DotNetNuke(DNN) 7.x.
Everyone needs their website to rank well on Google. So How to make your DNN website seo optimized??. Let get started.

Following are the must elements to be added your site.
1. Page Title
2. Meta Keyword
3. Meta Description
4. Sitemap Priority

Detail description about SEO fundamentals please go through this link:

How to Add Page title to your DNN7 Site:
Admin > Page management > Click on Page(In my case its About Us)

Select Common Section on right pane:
Add your page title in the text box provided under common section. In my case I have added
About Us | Company name . Make sure your title tag is 6 - 12 words ( less than 60 characters ) is a good length for a title tag. Alas make sure Allow indexing is checked in common section.

Now will add Page Description and Keywords for the DNN page.
Click on SEO section in collapsible pane.
Sitemap Priority
You can also Change the site map priority based on your requirement. If you want your About Us page to be ranked more than other pages you can set Site Map priority between 0-1. For example you have a product page which has high priority over other pages like about us  - you can set the product page sitemap priority to 1 and other pages to 0.5. This will give hint to google which page should be taken in priority.

Page Description:
Where you will be allowed to have Page Description,Page Keywords,Sitemap priority. Write Page Description in sentence structure. Should be relevant to the page and  25-30 word (under 150 characters) description of the first text within the visible page. 
Do not repeat your keywords more than 3 times in description tag. If you need, make alternatives (e.g. 'prescription' and 'prescriptions' can be used 3 times each). Minimize the use of "stop words" such as "and, the, of". 
Page Keywords:
Right below page description you will be allowed to add keywords for your page in Page Keywords Tex box.Keep 100 to 250 characters to get better results. Start with the most important and then proceed to less important. Use keywords/Phrases. If your site has content of interest to a specific geographic location be sure to include the actual location in your keyword Meta. 

These are the SEO fundamentals for DNN7. To know more about me visit
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