Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to install skin in DNN ?

Many of them are new to DNN so people are facing trouble in installing skin on DNN7.0 . Following few steps below will resolve your problem of installing Skin on DNN.

Step1: Login into your DNN using admin credentials

Step2: In Control bar mouse-over on Host-> Extensions

Step3: Press Install Extension Wizard button

Step4: Choose packaged skin file from your computer 

 Step6: Click Next

Step6: Screen1 gives package information like Skin name,version,owners and organization etc

Step7: Screen2 gives Release Notes for the skin

Step8: Screen3 gives License information -  read the license and check Accept License checkbox

Step8: Files will be unpacked and skin will be installed

Step9: To confirm successful installation scroll-down to last and check you dont have any errors.

Press Return button.

You can find skin installed on Extensions page -> Skin section

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